Gentle reminder that if Harry and Louis are in a relationship, it is theirs. Theirs, not ours. They do not owe us answers, and they definitely don’t owe us constant validation that they’re still together (even though they sure as hell seem to drop quite a few clues, within the limits of what’s possible). They do not owe us anything.

Also, given their situation, they can’t go skipping down the streets holding hands. What part of “in the closet” do people not get? 

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Friends just sleep in another bedAnd friends don’t treat me like you doWell I know that there’s a limit to everythingBut my friends won’t love me like youNo, my friends won’t love me like you.


Friends just sleep in another bed
And friends don’t treat me like you do
Well I know that there’s a limit to everything
But my friends won’t love me like you
No, my friends won’t love me like you.

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"I think the key to a good relationship is being best friends too." - Louis, the most romantic member of One Direction.

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Ok but we can all agree that this



Is harry and louis in ten years, right?



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Harry and Louis’s duet in Use Somebody


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Why are people still trying to make sense and analyse a bearded couple?

Are they going to look like a couple? Yes, it’s what they’re aiming at.

Are they going to do couply stuff? Yes, it’s the whole purpose of the bearding.

Are they going to go over the top to overcompensate? Yes, so people notice the shiny maid of honour dress and not the cracks that fill the surface.

If you look closely, will you see right through it? Most likely. Yes. Especially if one of the sides is fed up with everything.

Every damn picture, every damn event is the same thing. There’s the people who choose to believe celebrities are completely transparent and that one thing compensates for 10. People who choose to believe that “there’s no way they would do that if it wasn’t a real relationship!” when literally, in the past, there’s been marriages, kids, fake pregnancies and DEATH to try and cover up homosexual relationships or “inappropriate” relationships. Get that out of your head there’s NOTHING people wouldn’t do to protect themselves and those they love if they feel they have to. NOTHING.

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Anonymous said: Why do you say one direction is shady?


I was going to go in-depth into this, but sweetheart you could right a whole encyclopedia collection on the amount of shade around this band. So under each section I’ll give a summary, and then I’ll cite places where you can go and find information to back up the claim. Many around this fandom have kept tabs on said shadiness, and well there is no need to re-invent the wheel.


1. PR:

Public Relations. In laymen’s terms, these very expensive group of people are here to help their client be likable and relatable to the mass public who buys their product. When the client does or says anything that may hinder their image, they come in and clean up the mess. Ideally.

In the one Direction world, it seems that their PR team is there to make a band of brothers have images such as:

-The recluse with a pretty face and no background, nor culture

-The womanizer lothario frontman of the group who will leave the band and be a solo artist

-The devoted boyfriend who doesn’t give a fuck about his girlfriend and who is also a homophobe 

-The victimized daddy of the group who is always on the straight and narrow

-The carefree one who can only be carefree, and nothing but carefree.

Will the real One Direction, please stand up!

 Sources: (x), (x), (x), (x)

2. Twitter:

I call Twitter, the middle school of social media, and although this goes hand in hand with PR, it still breeds it’s own cest pool of management fuck ups. 

Sources: (x), (x), (x), 

3. Relationships:

  • Elounor - Who really is Eleanor and how did she come about? 

Sources: (x), (x), (x), (x)

  • Harry only dates in winter

                 - Haroline, Haylor, Hendall

  • Zerrie- PR couple or real couple, idk…
  • Larry- Real eyes, realize, real lies (x)

4. Subliminal Messaging- everyone else in the room can see the shadiness surrounding this band.

Sources: (x), (x)

5. Modest- Because for being a management company, they don’t manage anything at all.

Sources: (x), (x)


In conclusion anon, why is One Direction so shady because they try to give us “answers”, but we end up with more questions. Basically, as my dear Ashley says: 2+2=5.

Special thanks to: theharrylouistreatise, yoursongonmyheart, bulletproofhalo, ohthefond, the-love-laws, laynefaire, worshippedlove, verily-i-say, skylikethat, diggingandfluff, lapelosa, thisiskatsblog and too-old-for-this-ship

Go check them out for more info. Hope this helped somewhat. It’s a lot!

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Met One Direction.

I haven’t been in this fandom long enough to be meeting them and I feel bad for the fans that have been in this fandom longer actually.

But when we met them Harry goes “How are you ladies today?” because it was me, Zizzy, Squishi, Mariah, Lynn, and Leche. Louis points to me and goes “That one’s not a lady.”

Congratulations Louis. First person that’s actually caught that upon meeting me.

He did however make sure to ask if I identified as one, which I thought was really sweet of him to be concerned about offending me or anyone else for that matter like that, and I assured him that I do in fact identify as male. That made my day though. Well done, Louis. [x x x]

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Thing I genuinely don’t get: how do people reconcile the very homophobic Louis that we see in print and on twitter with ACTUAL LOUIS TOMLINSON.

I mean, let’s look at this logically, shall we?

Print!Louis says it’s degrading that people think he’s in a gay relationship. He says that anyone who thinks he and Harry are together are “not real fans.” He says that the reason he and Harry can’t act like they used to is because these “fake fans” start oh-so-offensive and degrading gay rumors every time they do.

Actual!Louis is sensitive to how he should identify a genderqueer fan. He is thankful for the support of all fans, regardless of whether they’re gay or straight. He continues to make sexually suggestive comments to and about Harry (“trying to walk,” “early bird gets the worm,” etc) and about gay sex (changing the lyrics to “I need you here with me now, cause you’ve got that big dick,” pretending to ride a dick while mouthing “harder” at Liam…), despite how much ~he~ seems to loathe and decry the gay rumors in every print article.

Basically, I don’t get how people don’t realize there’s something fishy about print!louis, because it seems really really obvious that print!Louis and actual!Louis are two completely different entities. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather believe what I can see and hear Louis saying in videos over random quotes in magazines with no proof that Louis ever said anything like that. To paraphrase Demi Lovato, just because it’s in quotes, doesn’t mean that Louis ever said it.

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1. I hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever i’m near him.

2. I think just someone who’s got a good sense of humour and like, if you can hold a conversation with him obviously that kinda helps.

3. I’m in love with you and all his little things. 

4. I’m in love with you and all his little things

5. Through the doors and past the guards just like he already owned it.

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Straight into my heart and stole it

Through the doors and past the guards

Just like HE already owned it


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louis says “you’ve got that big dick” 

harry says “and all his little things”

louis says “cause he’s the best i’ve ever had”

harry says “just like he already owned it”

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